Thursday, July 11, 2013

Product Reviews - Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors

How many pairs of scissors do you use? I thought I definitely had enough scissors; small and large Ginghers, duckbill scissors for hand appliqué, small scissors for clipping threads, blunt nose scissors for my sheer collage technique and more. I was actually shocked when I gathered all my scissors to take a picture!
I had heard about Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors for a while and wanted to see how they were better/different from all my other ones. They are fairly expensive but I was kindly given a pair to try - thank you Cindy.
I have been working on a hand-appliqué border for a large sampler quilt for a few years. Yes, years....I work on it VERY sporadically!
I decided to see if Karen's scissors were different from any of my other ones.  The first thing I noticed was that the blades were micro-serrated and they actually do work differently than any of my other scissors. This special blade pulls the fabric into the scissors rather than pushing it away like traditional scissors. I am using batik fabrics and the fabric tends to push away when I use regular scissors. Cutting curved shapes is very easy since the fabric doesn't tend to slip away when you cut.
These scissors are sharp, sharp, sharp and right to the tip so it is easy to snip into corners accurately. The handles are large so it is easier to get my hand in and out. With small scissors I often seem to get 'stuck' in the handles. They are also very light weight so I feel less hand strain when cutting. There are large blade scissors (7 1/2") and small ones (4"). I have the large ones and they are working very well for me. My friend and fellow quilter, Cathy Miller, has the small ones and she kindly sent me a photo. I love the colour; anyone who knows me knows I LOVE lime green! I also like the protective cover that comes with the scissors. It snaps into place – an excellent design. Things you will like about these scissors...large cushioned handles, work for both right and left handers, blades sharp to the very tip, light weight and comfortable. I'm definitely going to get a pair of the small scissors just like Cathy's.
If you would like to have these scissors to add to your toolbox, my friend, Cindy Scraba, has them on her website: Cindy's Threadworks.



Kathy MacKie said...

I also use these scissors and really like them.

Unknown said...

I am a scissors FREAK and always on the lookout for a really good pair. I am intrigued with your write up - I think I'll find a pair and give them a try!