Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Online Learning - Quilt University

Quilt University was one of the first websites created for online learning for quilters. I was thrilled when Carol Miller invited me to be one of the first faculty members and through 'QU' I have met thousands of quilters all over the world. 

Carol passed away earlier this year and the quilting world lost a great innovator. Her husband, Roger, has been working 'behind the scenes' so Quilt University has continued to provide a superb learning opportunity.  

 Here is a notice from Roger sent is the current newsletter:


Quilt U will close at the end of 2013. Carol's sudden death took the wind out of our sails. It's just not the same without her. The teachers and I agree that an orderly shutdown is the best way to honor her memory. Because Quilt U normally goes on hiatus for the holidays, the end of the year is a natural stopping place.
It also gives everyone one last chance to take those classes they were putting off for whatever reason. You won't be able to "catch it next time". To plan ahead, print out our Calendar and mark what you missed. Registration opens six weeks before a class starts. 


The last offerings of my classes are: 
  • June 7:   Too Easy Stained Glass
  • July 5:   Attic Windows
  • August 2:   Ripless Paper Piecing
  • September 27:   Fun with Paintstiks

This will be your last chance to join me in the QU classroom. I hope you will consider joining me.

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