Wednesday, June 27, 2012

There's Still Time.....

to register for my Fun with Paintstiks workshop at Quilt University!

Elizabeth's Quilt - Quilt U Student
Class starts on April 5th and one lesson is posted each week for 4 weeks. Our classroom will be open until June 1st - plenty of time for you to really discover the many ways to use Paintstiks.. 

Ivy Stencil
This is a process class to teach you how to use Shiva®Artist’s Paintstiks to add color to paper and fabrics. You will use direct application techniques on a range of fabrics and values. You will learn how to combine two or more colors to make other colors, including using special blender Paintstiks and how to place the paint in specific spots with masking tape, commercial stencils and your own stencils made from freezer paper.

Here is a comment from one of my previous students:

I have had the Paintstiks for a long time and was so happy to get the chance for some very good ways of how to use them. I learned many ways to use the paints, some ways I like better than others, and that is knowledge, also. The class was well thought out and had a nice flow from one to the next. I put all of the work, carefully labeled, into a sketch book and designed fabric for the covers. It is great to have such a reference. I'm planning on using some of what I learned on my next big project. VO, Oregon

See you in the classroom - we'll have lots of creative fun.

Rubbings, Stencils - Layers

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