Monday, September 5, 2011

On My Bookshelf

Inuitive Color & Design - Adventures in Art Quilting
by Jean Wells

I attended Jean's lecture and PowerPoint presentation at the APWQ show in Tacoma recently. I already had this book and I have been doing some more spontaneous work in the last few years. It was wonderful to hear Jean talk about the process and techniques she used to create the art quilts in her book.

One of the main suggestions she has is to use a sketchbook to record ideas. As I get older I find ideas can be 'fleeting' and it is good practice to record them or they become lost in the hubub of everyday life!

This book will take your use of color, design, and piecing in dramatic new directions. See how to use photographs to inspire your work and techniques for piecing that will have you putting away your ruler and learning soft curve piecing. Innovative finishing techniques are also included.

I like books that include exercises and Jean gives assignments to help reinforce the topics throughout the book. You can tell that Jean is an excellent teacher by the way the book is laid out.

After the Rain by Jean Wells
Jean had two quilts in the APWQ show. This is After the Rain , inspired by stones in the high Cascades. Jean's 'portrait' style finish is unique way to keep the uneven edges on the main quilt.

If you want to try some spontaneous work, this is an excellent book to get you started.  The book is published by C&T Publishing and autographed copies are available directly from Jean Wells.

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Jackie said...

I am currently reading this very book!