Saturday, August 20, 2011

Significant Milestone

This milestone isn't for me - but for my mother. She had hip surgery on May 3 and on Friday we returned all her 'toys' to the local Loan Cupboard. By toys I mean 2 different walkers (1 for inside and 1 for outside), a special cushion for her chair, a gizmo to help put socks on (this thing is AMAZING!), another wedge cushion for exercising, a seat to use in the bath. I think that was all there was in the back of my van.

Mom has been anxious to get back into her garden and after we returned everything I snapped a few pictures of flowers at her place. She didn't let her surgery prevent her from having a spectacular show this year.

This hanging basket is HUGE and very unusual. Just 2 different types of plants can create a stunning effect. She bought this one with a gift certificate from her grandchildren (and hopes for more gift certificates for her birthday and Christmas....hint, hint.)

My mom has a special way with plants. She is very knowledgeable and they seem to love her too. This rose blooms on and on and on until the frost. She knows exactly when and how to prune it so it is beautiful every year. It doesn't get 'eaten' by anything either. Perhaps she has a way with the 'pests' too!

I bought this funny tin pot many years ago and Mom found a begonia to put into it this year. The flowers are a stunning salmon and it is make a bright statement just outside the window of her den.

Now that she can get back into the garden she has plans to remove a few tired plants and add new ones. She is busy checking out the other gardens in the neighbourhood when she goes for walks and looking in her plant books. Of course the plant removal will be up to someone else (likely my husband!) and I'll probably take her to the garden center when she has decided what to add. It will be fun to see a new garden design develop this fall.

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Jackie said...

That is wonderful news, I remember you mentioning it when you were here!