Friday, August 5, 2011

On my Bookshelf

The most recent addition to my book collection is Create with Transfer Artist Paper by Lesley Riley. I first met Lesley in Houston, at International Quilt Festival, when I took a 'fabric photo books' workshop with her. I loved how her images were vibrant and seemed to be integrated right into the fabrics - even unusual ones that I knew I could not put through my printer. The answer was TAP (Transfer Artist Paper). I have been using it ever since for many of my photo collage pieces.
The book describes WHAT you can transfer with TAP (photographs, your own drawings with felt pens, stamped images and more). And all the different surfaces you can transfer TO (fabric, paper, wood, glass, metal and more). I have tried fabric - all sorts, from quilting cottons to heavy upholstery to t-shirts; a variety of papers and wood. Glass and metal are next on my list of 'things to try'. If you are looking for a way to use images in your work you'll learn how to use TAP and be inspired by the 15 unique projects included in the book.
Look for it at your local quilt shop or book store. And if you want to try TAP with me, I will be teaching a workshop this fall at Calico Cupboard Quilt Shop in Victoria on Friday, October 7. Check out the full Fall Workshop schedule online.

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dls said...

Thanks for your post on this.... am happy to have that information and will try some soon.