Monday, July 18, 2011

Yours, Mine & Ours - Donation Quilts

Together with my friend, Peggy, I have been hosting a Block of the Month club at Calico Cupboard quilt shop here in Victoria. We call ourselves the Yours, Mine & Ours Club. The members make one block for themselves and another block to donate.

Today we had our first 'work session' to begin putting the blocks together into quilts.

 First we had to sort through all the blocks and find 12 that we thought would look good together.

Next we framed each block with sashing. We had selected dark blue to be the strip colour for each person to bring. We had a good variety, but they were all dark blue. We had some great sewers (Marjorie, Susan, Sherrie, Vivian, Dixie, Selby & Peggy), we had a 'master presser' (Etiola) and Pat and I trimmed and squared up the blocks. (Hope I didn't miss anyone!) After the blocks were framed, they were sewn into rows and then into the quilt tops.

We worked like a 'well oiled machine' and completed 3 lovely quilt tops. I'm so proud of everyone.

Our monthly sessions are continuing on Saturday with a new block for everyone to make (plus a free block for August when we'll take a small break). We have scheduled another work session for early August though....we have lots more beautiful blocks to make into quilts.

Peggy will be hosting in September and we will announce a NEW monthly project to start in October - no we're not giving HINTS but we know you'll love it!

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