Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Adventures

I hope you are having a creative start to the new year. It has been busy for our family already!  My son turned 30 on January 1st - yes he was a New Year's baby, the first in Victoria. How can I have a 30 year old son??

We celebrated with a family party and a surprise party with friends last Saturday.

I thought you might like to see the wonderful area where I live (and have a glimpse into what influences my work - my surroundings). My husband and I had a delightful walk on January 2nd along the waterfront of Sidney, the town closest to my home. Here are the great views along the way.

We have a public wharf near the main part of town - a great place to walk right out over the water. Lots of families drop their crab traps here to catch dinner!  The water is crystal clear.

We walked out on the wharf and made friends with this fellow - look at that texture. Inspiring for stitchery or embellishing perhaps?

Many other sea birds make their homes here. Black Cormorants are plentiful.

Here is the view of the waterfront of town

and when I turned around Mt. Baker was shining in the sun. This is a long-dormant volcanic mountain on the US side of the border with Canada.

I hope you have big creative plans for 2011. I am finishing two projects this month so I am spending some happy time in my studio. I have also made a commitment to take part in the Sketchbook Challenge. I'll be posting my monthly work later today or tomorrow.  Do you like to use a sketchbook or journal? Why not join in the fun!


free indeed said...

How fun; WE have a 30yr old new year baby too! He's our second of six. I turn 50 this yr as well and my 'baby' turns 20! Lots of milestones in our family. Your photos of 'home' are a nice way to get to know you and where you are from. Just saying hi! from northern Maine

Daphne Greig said...

What's the weather like in northern Maine? Snow I expect. They're threatening us with 5-10 cm (about 4 inches) tonight. We're not used to it so it will probably be a 'home' day tomorrow - shocking I know!