Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Excitement

Soccer fans all over the world have begun the 'long haul' watching the World Cup from South Africa. One of the most ardent fans is my 80 year old mother!  She has changed her 'sleep/awake' schedule so she can see all the matches live - only a 9 hour time difference from here!

My uncle in South Africa sent her some wonderful gifts to celebrate and cheer on the South African team: a vuvuzela - the special African noisemaker that you can hear at all the games. But hers is very special. It is covered with intricate beading in a wonderful pattern. It still makes the noise though (we all had to try it out!).

He also sent a hat and scarf with Bafana Bafana on them. That's the name of the South African National Team (means "the boys, they boys"). Also several key chains with the team logo and the World Cup logo. Great to hang in a planter outside or in the car!


Beth said...

Hi Daphne,
I don't know if any thing will happen with the boarder crossing guy but at least the incident got to the top! I'll ask my brother next time I talk to him.

Peggy said...

What wonderful gifts - we're soccer fans here, too, but nobody's hearing us!!