Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lemonade from the Lemons

You probably read (or heard) about my difficulties travelling to International Quilt Market in Minneapolis a few weeks ago.  Sometimes you just wonder about the universe!  I replied to a telephone message from a woman looking for some quilts to rent for a movie set. She came to my house and looked at many of my quilts, took photographs, measured them and then took the information to the producer to see if anything would 'fit'.

Wouldn't you know it, he loved my small Ariano Shadows quilt, one of the pieces that I had to write on at Customs!  I wrote 'sample' on one of the border corners and tried many products to remove the ink and was fairly successful; just a shadow of the turquoise ink remains. I made sure they were aware of this but they still wanted that quilt!

They also chose one of my older quilts, Kootenay Kapers, which was designed as a mystery project that I taught at QuiltView Corner Quilt Shop in Creston. 
So, these two pieces will be included in the set decoration for Bond of Silence, a movie being filmed here in Victoria!  I think it will be released in August on the Lifestyle Network in the US. I'll have to see if I can get that channel here so I can see if my quilts show up on the screen!


Jackie said...

Yahoo Daphne!
My heart just felt for you after quilt market. The good thing about visiting Manitoulin Island, is you are in Canada=)

Gerrie said...

How fabulous. What a great story!!

Unknown said...

Yay! Good for you. It is funny how the universe conspires to do good things for you once in a while!

Barb R said...

What a marvelous ending to your story! Thank you for sharing some good news with us.

Anonymous said...

Great news, Daphne, and a nice way to "wash away" the bitter taste of your border experience with that quilt!