Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guest Blogger - Quilting Gallery

I'm the Guest Blogger on the Quilting Gallery site. Click the logo to learn how I'm enjoying the Olympics!

Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery

Don't forget to leave a comment on the post below this one by Sunday, Feb. 28 - you could WIN a copy of Irish Quilting magazine!


Anonymous said...

I too am watching the Olympics. Go USA Hockey!!!! We have a hometown boy playing on the team.
Cheri from NY

Peggy said...

Not much Olympic watching happening here, but sure are watching for every medal Canada wins!! Love Ireland and all things Irish - put me down for a chance at the draw.

Caro said...

Lots of Olympic watching for me. I'd love to see the Irish Quilting magazine. It's always interesting to see what's popular in different parts of the world.

Darlee said...

I have enjoyed watching some of the Olympic events... inbetween quilting! I work on Sudoku puzzles when I watch TV. Congrats on being a guest blogger!!

Wendy said...

Love your efficient use of time :) I haven't followed Olympics every day but do enjoy it. You've inspired me to do a sample of stitches for my Bernina too. I think of it when I'm in the middle of something and never get to it. Thanks. Oh, and love your applique project.