Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilt University - Learning Online

My Attic Windows class started this weekend and it is not too late to join me in the classroom at Quilt University.

Here are details about what you will learn in this 3 lesson class:

You will learn to design an attic windows quilt to suit your particular fabric. Ideas to test design options will be presented and practiced. We all have different fabrics and often 'one size' DOESN'T 'fit all'. Designing for YOUR fabric will make your project unique to YOU.

You will learn by exploring a variety of designs using graph paper and pattern drafting techniques. You will be able to create several designs and have the plans for several quilts.

You will experiment with a variety of supporting fabrics to enhance your design, learning about fabric value as you select the best combination for your quilt.

You will learn my fool-proof method for cutting and sewing your project. When you have completed this class, you will have learned how to make perfect mitres every time. This skill can be used in many future quilt projects.

I hope you will consider trying on-line learning. It is a wonderful way to take a class from the comfort of home, surrounded by all your own tools and equipment. No need to pack up your sewing machine and all your supplies. Work at your own pace; have the teacher's undivided attention in the Discussion Forum and meet wonderful quilters from all over the world!
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bettyp said...

Wow! You did great on this one for sure!! I always wanted to take a class from them and now I just may do that !!