Thursday, September 3, 2009

80th Birthday Celebration

My mother celebrated her 80th birthday last Saturday. We had a family celebration at our house complete with a wonderful fruit flan that was a two-person effort between myself and my son's girlfriend Melissa. She is a professional baker so I was a bit worried that my task was to make the sponge cake! She made a wonderful pastry cream with real vanilla bean to fill the flan. I just had to slice the fruit and she decorated it beautifully!

Here's mom blowing out a few candles - no, we didn't try to get 80 candles into it! My son Scott is beside her.

And here are the other 'grandchildren': my daughter Lindsay and her beau, Paul, and Melissa, the baker! I'm on the left, just taking the flan for slicing.
My husband, Alan, barbecued salmon for our main course. It was a great dinner and a lovely celebration!

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