Thursday, August 27, 2009

Registration Open

I have developed a new class for Quilt University and registration has just opened! You can take my class Too Easy Stained Glass without leaving home. Framing a fabric with stained glass leading lines creates an often surprising new view, drawing the eye in and giving greater attention to your focus fabric. You will learn a no-bias, no-glue stained glass technique. As you make your project I will show you the Too Easy steps that set this approach apart from other methods.

This class is suitable for all levels - beginner through advanced. It's a great technique with lots of possibilities. In the last week we will discuss some of these options. This is a three session class beginning on October 2. One lesson is posted each week and then the classroom remains open until November 7th. But I'm sure you'll have your first project done well before that. You will be able to work on designing your own stained glass and I'll be there in the Discussion Forum to help you along!

Hope you will join me in the classroom.

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