Monday, May 11, 2009

More about Hawaii

We stayed aboard our ship (Carnival Spirit) overnight in Honolulu and our first 'order of business' was to meet all the quilters who were joining us. We gave them some last minute information about a Special Project for later in the cruise and invited them to join Susan, Cathy and myself at the Hawaii Quilt Guild's 25th anniversary quilt show.
A few of us walked to take the city bus to the quilt show and on our way we passed a very interesting building with wonderful tile decorations. We all took lots of photographs - perhaps these will inspire some new quilts. I can see potential for new Give & Take Applique designs.

The quilt show exhibited a very strong Hawaiian influence in the work, both in colour and design. Here are a few examples. The hostesses were very welcoming and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the show!

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