Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Time to Quilt - Block 7

Block 7 is now available on the Banyan Batiks Facebook Page

Here are my blocks today:

The Tapa Cloth fabric in these blocks is one of my favourites in the whole collection.

The main image is the one I started with when working on the designs for the fabric - the Monstera leaf.

Picture taken in Hawaii in 2017.

Here is a larger picture of the fabric and the stamp I carved based on the leaves. Can you see the small pink triangles on the fabric? These are metallic and they appear on all 4 colourways of this print. When I was making my own stamped fabrics I added these triangles with a stamp and we decided to add this 'layer' to the batik fabric too. 

Now, here is a quilt with today's blocks:

Be sure to share your blocks and include these:

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