Thursday, April 30, 2020

Time to Quilt - Block 23

Today is the 23rd block - only 1 more for tomorrow. Have you been keeping up? Have you learned some new tips for piecing? Has your accuracy improved?  I always tell my Free Motion Quilting students that they need to practice to improve their skill. The same advice holds true for piecing. The more we do, the better we get.

Today's block builds on skills we have learned in several other blocks:

  • Half Square Triangles - yours have the diagonal seam corner to corner, right?
  • Connector Corners - the small triangles match the 'base' block exactly?
Here is the layout for my blocks. I sewed with the 'connector corner' square on top for the center row (like I did for Block 22). And when sewing the rows together I did the same thing.

The arrows show how I pressed both blocks.

And now for some quilts.  I found this quilt a bit 'tilty'...It's an optical illusion due to visual weight of the blocks. Do you see it too?

Perhaps some table runners would work better with these blocks.

This one still seems a bit 'off' but it isn't as pronounced with fewer rows of blocks.

This 'on point' arrangement works much better.

Tomorrow we will be making our LAST BLOCKS. Have you been trying some arrangements for yours?  I have my blocks on my design wall and I spend some time each day taking pictures and re-arranging. Aren't phones wonderful!  It's a great way to audition arrangements.

Patti will be almost finished her blocks too - all 3 sizes! I wonder if she has been arranging too.

See you tomorrow - and it will be Friday, so be sure to share your blocks on the Northcott Facebook page. More swag to win!

See you tomorrow.

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