Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Time to Quilt - Block 14

Moving along to Block 14 today.  
You can get the pattern for today's blocks on the Banyan Batiks Facebook Page.

I studied the instructions very carefully today. Every square has 'connector corners' and all those connector corners need to match when the squares are sewn together. 

First, I wanted to save some time when adding the corners. Did you know there is a way to sew these without having to mark the wrong side of the small squares? Masking tape is your friend here.

  • Start with the needle in the DOWN position, presser foot UP.
  • Slide one of your rotary cutting rulers next to the needle (don't push against it, keep the needle straight).
  • Line up a horizontal line on your ruler with the cover plate on your machine (the red arrow shows this spot).
  • Then lower the presser foot to hold the ruler in place.
  • Place a strip of masking tape alongside the ruler - be sure there is no gap and don't cover the feed dogs.
  • Lift the presser foot and remove the ruler.
  • You are now ready to sew.

This picture shows sewing the connector corner. Keep your eyes on the end of the square (marked with the arrow) and keep the small square aligned with the edge of the masking tape as you sew.

Here are some of my sewn squares, before I trimmed them.

The next issue I wanted to solve was making sure the seams would be accurate. You all know how we try to have seams pressed in 'opposing' directions, right? That's what I need to do with the squares that make up this block.  The first picture shows how I pressed alternate squares toward the centre (marked with the 'post-it flags').

And this is how the seams 'nest' together:

 And here is the final pressing for this block. I pressed all seam open and block is very flat.

Some possible quilt designs for you to ponder today:

There are many more ways to turn and arrange these blocks!

Don't forget to see how Patti is making her blocks. I'm enjoying seeing them made in the 3 different sizes - 12" with Shimmer, 9" with Vino and 4 1/2" with Midsommar.

And share your blocks on facebook using these hashtags:
 #timetoquiltbanyan #daphnegreigdesigns #patchworkstudio #timetoquiltnorthcott #timetoquiltfigo #tapaclothfabric

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