Thursday, June 28, 2018

Product Review - Acorn Precision Piecing Products

Last week I mentioned that I re-connect with friends and colleagues when I am at Quilt Market. I was excited to see some long-time friends with a booth at Market.

I have known Shelley Scott-Tobisch and Bernie Tobisch since the early 90's when they were the Bernina dealer 'inside' Satin Moon Quilt Shop in Victoria. I haven't seen them since they moved to the Vancouver area a long time ago. 

Shelley is a very precise piecer - every point matches every time and Bernie is sewing machine technician with over 40 years of experience. I miss having Bernie service my Berninas!

They were at Quilt Market to announce their new products: Acorn Precision Piecing Products. I saw Shelley's demo and I am very excited about the Seam Align Glue that means you never have to PIN again!  She also demonstrated a special starch pen than relaxes your seams so they are flat, flat, flat.

But don't take my word for it.....

Check out this great video where Shelley and Bernie show Alex Anderson how these products work:

I know one of the Western Canadian distributors is carrying these products (N Jefferson Ltd.). Tell your local quilt shops and they can order them for you - and NO MORE PINS!

Shelley and Bernie have also each written a book with C&T Publishing.

Shelly's book "Easy Precision Piecing" is due for release in July. 

Bernie's book "You and Your Sewing Machine" is also coming in July. 

Congratulations Shelley and Bernie - what a busy couple you have been!

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