Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hawaii - Part 3 - the Quilting part!

I asked a quilting friend who lives in Hawaii when the local guild meeting was scheduled.....and, long story short, I was invited to teach a one-day workshop for the Maui Quilt Guild. Thanks Gloria!!

The organizers selected my  'Split Quilts' workshop, a quilting idea that I have been playing with since the publication of my first Fat Quarter book in 2005 (sadly, now out of print).

The split circles on the cover quilt were made with 2 strips of fabric pieced first and then circles cut out of the fabric. The circles were hand-appliqued to the Half Square Triangles. All the time I was doing the hand stitching I was wondering if there was another way.....perhaps with fusing.  I realized that it would be difficult to make the circles 'line up'. And then I thought 'Does that matter? I wonder what would happen?'

This lead me to make my first Split Quilt, The Cloth of Africa.This quilt was accepted for the American Quilter's Society show just after the book was published and again at the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilter' Show in Seattle in 2006.

I have since played with circles, ovals, squares and triangles using the fusing technique. It is fun and a bit mysterious because you don't know what you'll get.....until you get it.

Here are some pictures of my ADVENTUROUS students from the Maui Quilt Guild. Thanks to Donna K. for sharing her pictures to add to the ones I took.

If you would like to schedule this workshop for your guild or group,
contact me (info (at) daphnegreig (dot) com) to discuss ideas and dates. 

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kauanoeanuhea said...

Daphne - next time you come to Hawaii, come to Honolulu. We would love to see you at the Hawaii Quilt Guild! Arlene Adams

p.s. I did see you in Kona at Quilting on the Beach but did not take a class from you - would love to change that and say that I have taken a class from you!