Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What's on my Table, Tuesday? The Yin & Yang Convergence Quilt

A few weeks ago I told you about a new teaching quilt sample I was making for a Convergence Quilts workshop.  I shared this 'in progress' picture. At that time I wasn't sure what quilting motifs I would use and whether to bind or face the quilt.

Well, this quilt has evolved and I'm happy to say it is now complete!

I did decide to use a facing. You can see in the picture above that I had a dark blue outer border. After I completed the quilting I decided that border didn't belong on this quilt so I cut it off. I 'faced' the quilt instead.  I think it looks much better that way.

I also decided to add another element to this quilt - Monstera leaves (one of my favourite motifs).  The focal print is very tropical and I thought this motif would enhance that feeling. I sewed around my leaf design with Jane Sassaman's Sew Sassy thread. The outline was so faint that it didn't show up well.

I decided to complete all the other quilting and think about my options for the leaves.

I used Rainbows threads in different variegated colours for the different ares of the quilt.
The same quilting design was used throughout.
Once the quilting was finished I had a couple of ideas for the leaves. I tried a small amount of Shiva Paintstik in a small area of 1 leaf. I didn't add a lot of paint because I really wanted a 'ghost' image of the leaves. It didn't work all that well - I was afraid to add more paint in case I lost the translucence I wanted.

So I pulled out my box of other paints, inks, etc.  I had some Liquitex Inks. They are transparent - and that was the quality I wanted.

Of course I tested on scrap fabric first!  I also had some Shimmer powders that I'd never used. I added a bit of the green shimmer to a blend of yellow and blue ink and I achieved the 'ghostly' image I was after.  It's still quite subtle so I may add more ink.  I coloured close to the leaf outline. I'll live with it for now and let you know if I do more embellishing for the leaves. Perhaps more stitching inside the leaves, or more colour, or....

If you have suggestions I'd love to hear them!

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