Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Series: What's on My Table, Tuesday?

I'm starting a new photo series this week.  I'm calling it What's on My Table, Tuesday?

Every Tuesday I will post a photo showing what's on my main cutting table. Some weeks there may be lots of ACTION (i.e. mess) and some weeks there may be NONE (still the same mess).

How about you - What's on YOUR table?

Here are the first couple of pictures...........

 This is what my table looked like when I returned from my teaching trip to
 Lethbridge a couple of weeks ago....
YES, I'll post pictures from that trip SOON.

The buckets contain 'in progress projects' that are on hold since priority projects 
have come to the top of the list.

I couldn't stand it any more (and I had 2 quilts to make for Quilt Market in Houston
at the end of the month) so I did a MAJOR TIDY!

Come back next Tuesday for a sneak peek at the new projects!

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