Thursday, July 28, 2016

Need to make a QUICK Baby Quilt?

Here's the quick baby quilt I made for my son's friend and his wife. I thought you might like to make one too.

I decided to make 9" finished blocks using a variety of bright prints and solids to see what I could come up with. I didn't plan this quilt in the same way as I do for my published patterns. I just worked on my design wall as I made the blocks. 

My main motivation was 'QUICK' so I added some plain blocks the same size as the pieced blocks. 

I didn't want a normal 'straight set' for this quilt. I wanted the blocks to appear more scattered across the quilt. I decided to add 'spacers' the same size as the frames used for the pieced blocks.

As I worked on the wall I realized that all the rows would end up the same vertical length if I included the same number of 9" blocks (pieced or plain) and the same number of  'spacers' in every row.

My decisions became the 'rules' for this quilt:
  1. All the pieced blocks would be EASY and all the same size.

  2. To make it faster I would use plain blocks, the same size as the pieced blocks.

  3. To make my blocks go 'further' I would add 'spacers' the same size as the frame used in the blocks.

  4. I would include the same number of squares (pieced or plain) and the same number of spacers in each vertical row so each row be the same length.
After I made the quilt I re-created it in Electric Quilt software so I have a way to permanently keep my design in case I want to make it again. 

I also thought this idea would work for a larger quilt too. This quilt is 65" x 82". The outer border is 5-1/2" wide (finished).  The fabrics I used in this quilt are Northcott's Artisan Shimmer Echoes (Earth Colourway).  This fabric will be delivering to stores in October.

Here are the instructions for the parts of these quilts.

 If you prefer larger blocks (or have a group of blocks in your stash), just make the plain squares the same size as your blocks and make spacers that match the width of the blocks.

Send me a picture if you make one of these quilts.  The really are fun to make.

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