Monday, June 27, 2016

Where will your travels take you this summer?

Have you started collecting Row by Row Home Sweet Home patterns yet?  What about kits for each shop's row?

I've been following the buzz and excitement in several Facebook groups and I am amazed at the diversity of the designs I have seen so far.  The quilts that will be made using these patterns will be wonderful. And they are a great way to remember your travels.

If you are travelling throughout British Columbia you can visit 57 shops to collect your Row by Row patterns!

To make it easy to find these shops, there is a Google Map with each shop marked on the map.

This is what the map looks like:

Here is the LINK to the Google Map.  You can 'zoom in and out' with your mouse to more detail. And if you click on a 'red teardrop' you will see the Name, Address, Phone number and Website for that shop.

If your travels will take you to other provinces or anywhere in the US or Europe there is a map for that too.

Here's the LINK so you an ZOOM IN!

So, plan your route, have fun collecting and safe travels everyone!

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