Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The 'Bunny Barrier'

This is what I shared here on the blog in January:

January can be downright DREARY here on the West Coast. And this January is definitely cool and gray. But there is a PROMISE of great things to come. Here are hardy species tulips (and far too many weeds) starting to burst forth from in my front garden. The tulips do this every year. And every year the bunnies eat them before they bloom!  I'm trying to come up with a way to keep bunnies out of the bed so I can enjoy the flowers. Must get a plan in place soon or they'll be eaten again. 

It is time to share how I am attempting to protect them!

 This is what I unearthed in my garage.  Yes, that is a collection of Harvey's Bristol Cream blue bottles that started many years ago with 6 bottles from my dear friend, Moira. I've saved blue bottles ever since. Those 'tubes'....well they are from an old golf bag that didn't have built-in separators for my clubs. Who knows why we kept these sorts of things, but you know.... garages!
I finally got out in the garden and made my 'installation'.

Here's HOPING (NOT HOPPING) they do the trick! 

So far so good!

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