Friday, March 18, 2016

Cathedral Grove

I returned from my mini-vacation last week and it was definitely a week to 'catch up'! But we had a great time away on Canada's West Coast. 

Our trip took us through Cathedral Grove, a rare and endangered remnant of an ancient Douglas fir ecosystem on Vancouver Island. The biggest trees in the Grove are about 800 years old and measure 75 m (250 ft) in height and 9 m (29 ft) in circumference. 

Here are a few more pictures. I have a special 'affinity' for these trees. My heart slows, I feel such peace when I am surrounded by these majestic and beautiful giants.

This picture has inspired a new quilt I am working on - it will be a pattern in the Fall.
 I'll share the quilt with you in a couple of months.

The moss on the trees is amazing - this IS a rainforest!

This uprooted tree has a huge 'plate' of roots. This is my DH standing next to this windfall.
These are shallow-rooted trees and high winds are common in the ar

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