Friday, January 15, 2016

Sneak Peak - Go! Fish

I have been spending part of each day for the last few weeks working on a new project. No....I'm not taking part in one of those 365-block-a-day projects. Though it did cross my mind to do one. It would use up some of the stash, right. How hard would it be to do JUST ONE BLOCK every day? 

Then I came back to reality.....I have enough PRIORITY tasks; I don't need even one more. No 365 blocks on my TO DO list....

So, back to MY project.  It is a new design using upcoming Island Batik fabrics. I love working with these bright colours............
Strips for some of the alternate blocks - cut and joined end to end.

I also love my Bloc-Loc ruler for squaring up Half Square Triangles - these ones are 1-1/2" finished and they are PERFECT.
Squaring up the blocks on the kitchen counter while watching the hockey game.

One last seam to join the rows together....

Can't wait to see the entire top put together.
Test-fitting the backing fabric so I can load it onto the Avante and start quilting.  Now...decisions, will I quilt it?  Suggestions welcomed!

Hurray! The backing is plenty big enough!
 I'll let you know when the pattern for this quilt is ready.


Gail Tucker said...

Bubbles - there has to be at least some bubbles in the quilting and maybe some sea grass

Daphne Greig said...

Bubbles...check. Seagrass - sort of - near the bottom. Done. Now doing some of the fish.