Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Pattern - True North - a Celebration of Canada

My latest pattern, True North, celebrates Canada and showcases animals, birds and the diversity of this great land. The fabrics are from Northcott, the latest collection in the Oh Canada series. 
Northcott proudly supports Quilts of Valour – Canada.
This quilt is a 'horizontal row' quilt and it is designed for Confident Beginners. 
The size fits the Quilts of Valour requirements so you can
donate your quilt to support Canada's soldiers and their families.
The Oh Canada 4 collection of fabrics will arrive in Canadian quilt shops in September. Let your local shop know if you'd like them to stock them so they can place their orders.


Cher in Victoria said...

looks like a winner pattern. Is the map of Canada a panel or is it appliqued?

Daphne Greig said...

The map is a panel and I designed the quilt around it.