Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ripless Paper Piecing - a New Design

I have added a new design for my RiplessPaper Piecing workshop. I call this quilt Flight Path - imagine having perfect points every time and no 'ripping the paper off' . Great time saver and no wastebasket full of paper!

There are many ways to arrange the blocks in this quilt and you'll learn all about my 'ripless' method and how value is such an important element in all your quilts.

And here is a new image for Machine Quilting with Decorative Stitches. You'll want to see the 'closeup' of this quilt - all the stitching is done AFTER the quilt was layered with backing and batting. This gives the quilt amazing texture and you never need to use a stabilizer when you use your decorative stitches.

Here's a picture of this class taught in Kona in February.

There is still time to book me for a workshop in 2016 so tell your Guild's workshop coordinator about my website and have them get in touch. Hope to see YOU in my travels!

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