Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Setting up a Workspace for Paintstiks

Fun with Paintstiks, my online workshop at the Academy of Quilting, starts on FRIDAY. Have you signed up yet?

Here is information about setting up a space for the workshop:

Preparing Your Workspace

You will need a table to work on. You will need space for your sketchbook, several pieces of fabric and an area for your materials and supplies.  My preferred worktable is 2' x 6'. I like to spread out and place lots of fabrics on my table, but you may find a shorter table is fine.

I cover my table with a plastic sheet to protect the surface.  I use an inexpensive clear shower curtain but a plastic painter’s drop cloth will also work well.

You will also need a place to lay out the fabrics after you have painted them.  There may be room on your worktable or you may need another plastic-covered flat surface.  More discussion about the drying time is later in this lesson, but this surface will be unavailable for other uses for up to 5 days. 

An option to create additional space from one surface is to create stacked surfaces.  To do this, you will need stacks of books or magazines and several pieces of very thick stiff cardboard, thin wood or foam core boards.  Use the books or magazines at each end, allowing plenty of airspace above your fabric pieces, place your cardboard, wood or foam core on top of the stacks of books or magazines and add more layers as needed. 

See you in the classroom!

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