Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mr and Mrs Greig go to Washington

I met my husband in Washington, DC on the Sunday evening after the Wisconsin Retreat. I was in Washington to attend the Creative Arts Business Summit, hosted by Morna McEver Golletz, founder of the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals. 

The Summit started on Thursday and it didn't make sense to fly home to the West Coast and then back to the East Coast 2 days later. A perfect chance for a 3-day vacation in a place we had not visited before.

We spent our 3 days touring Washington and the area, had snow on one day - was it following me from Wisconsin? Here are a few pictures we took (and some that my husband took on his additional 3 days of vacation while I was at the summit).

The National Mall is lined with wonderful  museums.
We concentrated on seeing several of them on our first day.

I loved the Peacock Room in the Freer Gallery.

We said 'hello' to Bert and Ernie and Oscar....

and to Red and the Swedish Chef!

Alan took more pictures of major landmarks.

and he visited both Air and Space museums.

The Canadarm 

 We had time to some shopping - we don't have L.L. Bean in Canada so this was fun.

We were upgraded on the flight home from Montreal to Vancouver. Here I am learning all the features of my 'pod' in Business Class!

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