Thursday, December 12, 2013

Product Reivew - On the Dot

I am always on the lookout for tools that will make my cutting more accurate. On the Dot are repositional markers from QTools from Marci Baker. These re-positionable markers save time when squaring up or aligning your ruler to a specific point. They are easy to position on the ruler and are reusable.

Have you ever made a mistake when cutting strips of fabric? Over my quilting career I sure have. Sometimes you need lots of one strip width for a project, or you may be using your stash to cut 2½" strips for some of the new 'strip friendly' patterns. You can save time by marking the cutting line on your ruler with On the Dots. It makes it faster for you to find the cutting line every time you cut. Seems like it wouldn't be much time, but it is amazing how it adds up: finding the measurement you want, arranging the ruler so it is positioned correctly along the whole fabric width and then checking again (measure twice/cut once). Then you repeat these steps for every strip you cut.
This picture shows how I placed my dots to cut strips. They fit between the 1 inch marks so all the important lines on my ruler are still visible.


You can also use them to 'point to' particular spot on the ruler. I found this useful when squaring up half-square triangles for one of my latest patterns, Berkeley Castle.
The pictures below show how I marked the 4½" lines on my small ruler. First I trim the right side and top of the square. Notice how there is a small amount of fabric 'outside' the 4½" lines marked with the On the Dots. Next, I turn the square a quarter turn and line up the cut edges with the 4½" marks and cut the other two sides. The result: perfect half-square triangles every time.

On the Dots are available here.  While you are there, check out other helpful tools.

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