Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Holiday Smile

What Makes You Smile During the Holidays?

There are lots of things that make me smile during the holidays: gathering with family and friends to share food and good cheer, seeing what gifts the person in front of mein the line will be giving this year (what ARE some people thinking??), holiday music that evokes memories of past years.

Something new in my neighbourhood makes me smile every time I drive to town and when I drive home.  You have probably seen people hang large Christmas balls from the bare branches of trees in their front yards. I did this many years ago when we lived in a subdivision. Now we live in a rural area and there is one long country road that takes us from the highway to the smaller streets where we live. 

This is the scene that greets me part way along that road.  Properties are large and trees block any view of many 'front yards'. So these homeowners decided to share their display with all of us.  Makes me smile every time!

I know we are all busy with baking, gift wrapping and last minute quilting. Hope you find things to smile about this week too.


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