Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quits for Calgary

Quilters are the BEST! The quilts are piling up for distribution in Alberta. One of the wonderful side-benefits of this project is how groups of quilters get together to stitch. This 'community' feeling is just what drew many of us to quilting in the first place. 
My weekly groups have been busy sewing quilt tops over the past few weeks. I gathered some of my 'sample' quilts from books and patterns and, together with the tops and backs, they were taken to Calgary by a WestJet Air Angel.  Here's a picture of the quilts and tops before I packed them up for transport.
We are continuing to make quilts and have a few ready for binding and more for quilting on our Handi-Quilter Avante.
The president of the Victoria Quilters' Guild completed her quilt top using my FREE online donation quilt pattern.  Here is Shirley W with her quilt top at our meeting last Tuesday night. Great job Shirley - I know someone will love to receive your quilt.  If you missed the last newsletter, here is the link to the Homeward Bound quilt instructions. Please use it for donation quilts only.
If you make a quilt using this pattern, please send me a photo.  My website coordinator is building an addition to the Patchworks Studio website so I can share pictures of quilts/projects made with my patterns. There will be WINNERS of free products too.  When the site is ready I announce it first in my FREE e-zine. So, if you haven't signed up, just go to the box here on the blog and you'll receive my e-zine every 2 weeks.
Keep on quilting!

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