Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Product Reviews

I am the new Product Review columnist for The Canadian Quilter magazine, the quarterly newsletter of the Canadian Quilters' Association/Association canadienne de la courtepointe.
My first Gizmos & Widgets article appeared in the Summer 2012 issue and I thought I would share a couple of the products I reviewed for that article.

TrueGrips by TrueCut is a new non-slip adhesive product that makes any ruler a no-slip ruler. Accuracy and safety when cutting are so important and sliding rulers are definitely a hazard. These clear adhesive rings can be applied to the back of any ruler, they are clear so don't interfere with measuring lines and are thin so the ruler is not raised above the surface of the fabric. I started using these on my rulers and I have found less stress on my arms and shoulders since I don't seem to have to press so hard to prevent my ruler slipping.

Another product I reviewed also works with your rotary cutting rulers. The Cutting Edge is a repositionable vinyl "stop" that clings to the underside of your ruler. Place them along the line of the measurement you want to cut and the ruler actually STOPS at the fabric edge and stays in place along the cut edge, ensuring a consistent, accurate cut. These would be great for cutting lots of the same size strip for strip pieced projects. I used them to cut some jelly-roll strips into the exact sizes I needed for a recent quilt project.

The package contains 10 strips, enough to mark several rulers.

I am testing more products for upcoming issues of the magazine. This post is just a small 'taste' of the information included in my article. Why not join the Canadian Quilters' Association and receive this information-packed magazine yourself! See the Benefits of Membership here.

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