Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pacific Spirit Quilters

Teaching is my passion and it is always exciting when I can meet with guilds to share my designs and lead a workshop. I travelled to the Pacific Spirit Guild in Burnaby, BC earlier this month to present a lecture and workshop.

One of the most fun parts of any guild meeting is Show & Share. I snapped a few pictures of some of the quilts shown at the evening meeting. A great range of creative ideas from this guild!

The next day I taught Too Easy Stained Glass. Everyone worked so well during the day and their quilts were almost complete by the end of class. What a nice range of fabrics for the design. Some students used the same fabrics but each one was positioned differently depending on what each quilter wanted to be the focus of the piece.  Well done everyone!

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Heather McArthur said...

Had a great time in your class Daphne! Thanks so much for teaching this great technique.