Monday, February 20, 2012

Caribbean Cruise - Part 3

Next stop on the cruise was Curacao. This island is also part of the Netherlands and was the reason I wanted this particular itinerary for our Quilting Cruise. When I was in about Grade 7 I did a Social Studies project about the Caribbean Islands. I sent letters to governments of several of the countries asking for background information for my report. The officials in Curacao sent me the most beautiful brochures and I fell in love with the island. I thought I would never have the chance to go there - but it's amazing what I've been able to do through quilting!

My mother and I went on a garden tour and then walked to the main shopping area while my husband and a friend went golfing. We walked across this floating bridge.

One of the most interesting places is the floating market. Produce is stacked next to the boats that bring it in from Venezuela.

The buildings were amazing!

And so was the sunset as we left Curacao for our next stop - Aruba.

Each of these Dutch A-B-C islands is different from the other (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao).

Aruba seemed more like a busy North American city with exclusive shops (expensive). But we did find an interesting museum housed in an old fort that showed some of the history.

 This HUGE pot was beautiful!

Wonderful architecture here too - lots of pastel colours and pure white trim.

Back on the ship for our last couple of days sailing back to Fort Lauderdale and it was quilting time!  My students created wonderful Caribbean Cottages using fused fabrics, special wavy rotary cutting blades and embroidery. Here they are showing off their designs.

Then it was the last night and the sun set on a marvelous Caribbean Quilting Cruise!

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