Friday, October 7, 2011

Mayflower Retreat - Final Event

The 'end of retreat banquet' at Pictou Lodge was a wonderful celebration. To top everything off, our dinner 'favors' were FASCINATORS!  You know, those kooky hats that perched on heads at the wedding of William and Kate.  It made for much merriment as we all tried to keep them attached to our heads!

These ones are well positioned and they work very well with Jane Sassaman's quilt that decorated our banquet room. 

 The teachers definitely looked goofy in our fascinators! My fellow teachers for the 3 days were Jane Sassaman and Elaine Quehl. We managed to spend a bit of time together outside class and I enjoyed getting to know these professional educators a bit better.

Jane and Elaine's blogs are noted in my Blog List to the right so you can read about them and their work too.

A special thank you to the Retreat Committee. You created a wonderful experience for everyone!

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