Saturday, October 29, 2011

6 Ways to Store Thread

When I posted about decorative machine stitching I began thinking about thread storage.

If you have been a quilter or fibre artist for a while you probably have a large stash of fabrics. I have one of those! And I realize that I have a large stash of THREAD too! Here are some of the ways I store my threads; perhaps you can adapt some of these ideas.

Store threads how YOU like to use them. If colour is the most important decision for you, sort your threads by colour. If thread use and appearance is more important, sort by thread type.

I sort my threads by type. When I make a project, I use neutral thread for piecing so they are all together. For quilting a project I evaluate the look I want for the particular piece: threads that blend or threads that stand out. I also have fine threads for hand applique, metallic threads, a set of rayon machine embroidery threads and thick threads and fibers for bobbin work and couching! That's a LOT of thread.

1 Baskets
I piece with neutral threads (shades of gray, beige, white and black). I use both cones and regular spools. I keep these in a basket right beside my sewing machine so I can change threads quickly.

2 Plastic Boxes and Bins
I use many different threads for quilting. My cotton threads are separated from my hand quilting and metallic threads. I keep these in plastic bins so it is easy to take one out and see all my options.

3 Tins
My applique threads and some of my rayon threads are divided among tins that I have collected. The tins keep the threads dust free, important when you are storing thread.

4 Storage Cases (designed for thread)
I have a set of specialty embroidery threads and these are stored in a closeable box designed for this spool size. It is very convenient to take out this box and find the exact colour I want.
5 Media organizers
These boxes and drawers were a gift from my daughter. She found them at Ikea. I sorted my fibres and ribbons and labelled the boxes.
Inside the boxes I sort the threads by colour/type and put them in ziploc bags. Again they are dust-free and easy to take to my sewing area.

6 Drawer organizers
This 3-drawer rolling cart holds my plastic boxes and bins (#2). It is under my cutting table, right next to my sewing machine. I can just open a drawer and take out the plastic box of thread that I want to use.
Do you store your threads in other ways? Send me a comment.

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