Friday, July 29, 2011

On my Bookshelf

I went to the first shelf in my studio and pulled out one of my favorite books, Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project, Karey Patterson Bresenhan, Ed.

If you are a traditional quilter you may not think this book is for you. But it IS! Let me tell you why.

Color - each small quilt is an example of a color recipe. You may not love every one but I can guarantee you will see some that will 'knock your socks off'! You can start building an idea for a new project just by going to your stash and pulling out fabrics in a color scheme you like. Perhaps these will work in a project you were thinking of making.

Technique - some of the artists use techniques that I know you already do. Things like patchwork (with squares, triangles, rectangles), appliqué  (all shapes - real and imagined), quilting stitches (both machine and hand stitching), embellishment (embroidery, thread painting, beads, buttons and on and on).  You will find many new technique combinations that will inspire you in your work. You may even want to try something 'new to you'.  

Subject - there are flowers, plants, trees, landscapes,  quilts with faces and entire people. There are abstract interpretations and realistic pictures. One or more of these subjects might be the spark for one of your new works.

One of my Journal Quilts was included in the book. I was learning about stamping in 2005 and created this small piece using a wide range of fabrics to test results. I have since done a lot more surface design with stamps.

If you want an enjoyable book to look at, with potential for lots of creative ideas, I recommend you check out this book. It is available online through the major booksellers. Or see if your guild or public library has a copy.

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