Saturday, May 14, 2011

More from Sudbury

Winter was still in evidence when I was in Sudbury. We had a slight 'skiff' of snow one morning and I took a picture of Janet's wintery back yard. Janet is a landscape designer and you can just imagine how beautiful her design will be in the summer.


We attended a small quilt show from a neighbouring guild and I was fascinated by the 'X-Block (tm)' book and the companion ruler. I took a picture of the sample blocks at one of the merchants. This interesting technique was developed by Patricia Pepe. I am amazed at all the pattern possibilities with this technique.

On my last day with Janet we drove around the Sudbury area. Sudbury has hundreds of lakes within the city limits and the views over the lakes are spectacular. The air was crisp and fresh and the sky such a brilliant blue. How about a quilt with these colours? Maybe with X-Blocks.

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