Thursday, May 19, 2011

Manitoulin Island - Ontario

Sunset from my deck

My Ontario teaching tour continued with an event on Manitoulin Island. It's a HUGE island in Lake Huron. In fact it is the largest island in a freshwater lake in the world. And it's beautiful.

My contact for the Island Quilters' Guild is Jackie White. She is a quilt artist who creates amazing 3D work and she writes a column for the Canadian Quilter, the newsletter of the Canadian Quilters' Association. Jackie is also an instructor for Cutting Corners College by Riley Blake Designs and a creative consultant for The Quilted Fish. This is one creative lady!

My hosts for my time on the Island were Marlene and Simon who have a lovely spot right on one of the largest lakes on the island. My 'home' was their boathouse - a completely self-contained suite right on the lake. And I mean 'RIGHT ON' - when I walked out the door to the narrow deck I was right above the water. It was beautiful.

We had snow on the morning of my workshop but that didn't deter the students. We started a bit late but soon everyone was creating wonderful Give & Take Applique designs.

Crisp morning snow!

The creative juices are flowing!

Creating wonderful work!
And here are the results of all their hard work. Innovative and creative designs all!

Marlene took me to see some of the sights of the Island including these falls - along a popular hiking area. The rushing water and the ice were spectacular.

Kagawong Bridal Veil Falls
Thank you to all the members of the guild. I definitely want to come back to your Island!

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eclecticquilter said...

Hi Daphne - Thanks for a little "vacation moment" as you described your lovely hosts and the setting. Sounds like a great place and a great time!