Thursday, December 2, 2010

Classes - Winding Down for 2010

Here is my latest group of Beginner Quilting students from my class at Satin Moon Quilt Shop in Victoria. We had a great time together and aren't these quilts fabulous!  Our 'class mascot' was such a good student - he watched all of us with great interest and was on his best behaviour!

The class brochure for the Winter/Spring session at Satin Moon is posted on their website and you can start registering NOW. Check out the great classes and why not learn something new in 2011 (or just escape with a friend or two and have some creative fun).  I will be teaching my Machine Quilting series a couple of times; the Basic Patchwork Beginner Class is offered twice too, and a project to learn about triangles, Little Bright Star, is a good second project if you are new to quilting. This one starts on February 1st.

Little Bright Star

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