Friday, June 4, 2010

Reschedule and reschedule again!

After a couple of 'false starts', Brenda (from Satin Moon Quilt Shop) and I have rescheduled one of my workshops to accommodate more students.  Sheer Overlays is booked for Saturday, June 26, 11 am - 3 pm.

You will learn to layer a range of fabrics including cottons, silk and sheers to create an abstract underwater scene or landscape. Learn basic ground rules for creating an appealing collage and how to add interesting embellishments like interesting threads and fibres, embroidery, beads and charms. Sewing machine is optional - this can be a fun portable project for the summer! You can be inspired by walks in forests or along the beach - where ever your summer travels take you.

I will provide a kit with sheer fabrics, threads and beads so if these aren't in your stash don't worry about not having the supplies.  This is a fun and very creative session.  Here are a few pictures of the pieces I have made. Hope they get your creative juices flowing and I'll see you in the class. Just call Satin Moon to register.

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Mary-Kay said...

I just read you blog post about the "Sample" quilts for Quilt Market. I don't know if anyone has told you about the product called Suds that is supposed to take off Sharpie marker. My sister works in a quilt store in the US and a salesman was in and wrote with a Sharpie on a carpet and rubbed this Suds stuff on it and it came off. There isn't a website but a phone number and address.
Suds Enterprises LLC
PO Box 1061
Amherst Ohio 44001
If you would like to try it and the number doesn't work,let me know and I'll have my sister bring me another container of it and mail it to you. It doesn't hurt the fabric and I've used it with a bit of success on my clothes. I don't think it's 100% sure to get rid of stains but it's worth a try. Also if you were to applique the letters on a quilt would that suffice? I think the next time I take any quilts across, I would be checking what kind of paperwork you need for the US customs. Maybe an itemized document with pictures, stating that these quilts are not for sale. Kind of like what they used to do in Russia when they count the number of jeans you're bringing in with you and then making sure that you have the same number when you leave. So I'm told! Good luck with your quilts and I hope you can remove "Sample" from them.