Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Electric Quilt 7 - Special Pre-Publication Pricing

Did you know that I am a 'reseller' for Electric Quilt Products? You can order the complete EQ family of products through my business website: http://www.patchworkstudio.com/  And the latest version of Electric Quilt Design Software will be released soon. I was a Beta Tester for EQ Version 7 and there are some very exciting new additions.  I use EQ to design all my quilts!  I also use it to create the graphics for my workshop handouts, magazine articles and book manuscripts. If you have a look around my website you will see quilts that I have designed with this wonderful program!

I am offering special Pre-Publication Pricing ONLY UNTIL MAY 30, 2010:

Electric Quilt 7 (regular price: $189.95) Special Price: $142.00
Electric Quilt 6 to 7 Upgrade (regular price: $89.95) Special Price: $58.00 (You must have EQ6 installed on your computer to use the upgrade.)

Check out more details on the website: http://www.patchworkstudio.com/

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