Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interview with Penny McMorris, The Electric Quilt Company

The latest Electric Quilt Company Newsletter includes an interview with my business partner, Susan Purney Mark and myself. If you're curious about how our partnership began and how we work together, you can read the inteview here.

Penny asked about one of my classes at Quilt University. I've been teaching online for Quilt U since 2001 and this fall I will be the debut of my new class, Too Easy Stained Glass, based on the patterns and book that Susan and I designed. Hope you'll sign up when registration is open later in the summer. Our technique uses no bias tape, no glue - and it's FUN and EASY!

My Seminole Piecing class begins on August 28. If you have ever wondered how to make these intricate bands of patchwork and the interesting projects you can make with them join me for a fun 3 session class. You'll learn how to make 8 Seminole bands in class and howow to turn some of them into a totebag, bolster pillow and wall quilt.

Later in the fall join me to learn all about Ripless Paper Piecing (beginning October 30). Come and learn about the advantages with this 'green' method - you don't sew through paper (and have to tear it away later)!

There are great benefits with taking classes at Quilt University - both for the instructor and the student! As an instructor, I get to meet students from all over the world, from different backgrounds and quilting experiences. I learn about where they live and how quilting impacts their lives. Students can take classes from home - no need to pack up your machine, all the tools and materials and travel to a workshop. The classes are designed to allow you time to work through a lesson - there is no need to rush, to keep up with your neighbour who sews on the FAST speed. You can ask questions, show your work, chat online with other students.

Check out Quilt U and who knows....we might meet in class there.

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Darlee said...

Great interview!! I get the EQ newsletter delivered to my inbox.