Monday, August 18, 2008

Gibsons Trip #2

After we arrived at Harriet & Jan's place we toured the gardens for a bit - unfortunately I didn't take my camera for that short tour. It was VERY SHORT for a reason! I mentioned 'wildlife' in my previous post....well, not just these cute deer were passing through.

A mother BLACK BEAR and her THREE CUBS were having a drink in their pond. We stayed right next to the house - no chance for me to get my camera. Mother bear stood right up at one point and it is amazing how large she was. We were a safe distance away but I was very careful after that when I toured the 5 acre property!

Jan told us how the bears were regular visitors and they can be very destructive to the main fence on one side of the property. He's tired of fixing it so now there are several 'bear holes' to allow them to get through.

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