Thursday, January 26, 2017

Taking Classes Online

When I was a fairly new quilter I signed up for a class at my local quilt shop. It was a 3-session class with one class scheduled in the evening for 3 weeks in a row.  At the time I was a busy mom and I worked outside the home too.

I made it to the first class just fine. I learned all about making templates, cutting my fabric and began work on a Mariner's Compass block. That block was only part of the quilt. The other area included Storm at Sea blocks.

I managed to do a bit of the homework for the class on the weekend and then life got BUSY. I remember sitting with my family helping my kids with homework when the phone rang. It was the store, asking if I was coming to the class that night. The class had started and I lived almost 40 minutes from the shop. I didn't attend that class - and was so embarrassed that I didn't go to the third one either! 

This is approximately what the project was supposed to look like:

That project languished in a drawer in my studio for years and years. I had all the instructions to make it but every time I looked at it I remembered how I had forgotten all about the class and I just couldn't get motivated to finish it.  I finally gave everything to my friend Jill and she finished the quilt and donated it.  I was so glad it found a home!

This was long before there was a thing called the Internet! There was no way to stay home and learn anything. 

Can you relate to my story? Perhaps you have never forgotten to attend a class but you probably have struggled to pack up your machine, find all the tools you might need and get yourself and all the 'stuff' to a class. I remember a student of mine forgot a very important part for one class - the foot pedal for her sewing machine!  Luckily the shop where I was teaching had a machine they could lend her for the class.

Did you know that I teach online classes?  This is through the Academy of Quilting and most of my workshops are On Demand. That means you can start anytime that works for you. All the classes have several lessons but you don't need to wait a week or more between lessons. Work at your own pace, fit it into YOUR schedule.

See my classes here.

This week I'd like to tell you about the Ripless Paper Piecing class.  This has been one of my most popular online (and in-person) workshops for the past few years.  

We all love to be accurate when we piece our quilts. One of the ways to ensure this is with 'foundation paper piecing'. There are changes we make to our sewing machine and some preparation to do for this technique. 

With my 'RIPLESS' method there are no adjustment to make for sewing and the preparation step doesn't take as much time.  But the real saving is what happens after you sew your block!  You save both TIME and PAPER because there is no need to rip the paper from the back of your block and throw it away.

Intrigued?  Here is the class project.  It is not large and you can probably pull fabrics from your stash; you can make the quilt in your two favourite colours.

As a bonus in this workshop I talk a lot about how 'value choices' are so important when you choose fabrics for your quilts. I think this is a section you will refer to over and over as you continue your quilting journey.

So....remember, this class is ON DEMAND - you can start today, or tomorrow, or next week.  And you can fit the 3 lessons into YOUR schedule.

Play the video to see what some previous students created in this class:

Hope to see you in the classroom!

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