Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How I Use Paintstiks

I thought I would share a few quilt pictures with you today.  I used Shiva Paintstiks to embellish each of these pieces.  You can learn how to use Paintstiks in YOUR work in my online workshop starting this Friday.


This is the first Anemones quilt I made. I printed the images and then 'crazy' pieced them into a background. I quilted the shape of the anemone plant leaves on this piece.

This is my second Anemones quilt. This time I painted inside the quilted leaves
with Shiva Paintstiks.
I used several colours to get more shading.
This was  a sample for an Architectural Applique workshop where students
find images in architecture to use in their work.
I quilted bubbles in areas of the background and when they didn't show up well
I painted these areas with Paintstiks to lighten them and draw attention to those areas.

Poppy Fields
I painted the background fabric - one my first attempts painting with fabric paints.
I hung the fabric on my wall and stared at it for a LONG time. I imagined a field of poppies so I painted the circles with a red Paintstik. Some are darker (more paint) and some very light (very little paint). I think that adds depth to this piece. 

The stems were made with a wooden skewer placed in ink and gently placed onto the surface. That WAS the scary part!  I machine quilted and hand embroidered this piece.

The next two closeups are of a Kelp collage. This piece is very heavily embellished with threads, fibres and beads.  When we see Kelp on our beaches we often see bubbles among it. I used several 'washers' to paint the circles on these pieces. Thanks to my DH who found all those different size washers in his stash in the garage! 

I hope this has piqued your interest in how you might use Paintstiks in your work. These are just a few ways to use them. This is an extensive course where you'll learn many different techniques.

Hope you'll join me in the classroom on Friday.

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